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4 Amazing Reasons To Choose Metal Framed Awnings

Setting up attractive canvas awnings have been in vogue since the 19th century with many eager individuals keen to peddle their wares under a colorful canopy. Sure, the idea remains as alive as the canopies even today. The similarity ends there, however! The canopies can be found in a number of varieties today with wood, plastic and metal holding sway over the others.

While a homeowner might choose to go with the common place acrylic or an ordinary wooden shelter, the commercial establishments find more value in opting for metal framed awnings that provide a number of benefits thereby offering an excellent ROI.

The thought of metal does not have to make one think of dull steel or rust prone iron fittings any more. On the contrary, there are umpteen choices available for the prospective consumer to pick from. The right company with a professional installation team on the stand by can match the exterior of the building thus making the canopy a fitting extension for the building.

They can be utilized in a number of exciting ways as well. While creating a shaded patio that can shelter the visitors is highly commendable, many facilities opt for using metal framed awnings to cover pathways leading to various areas of its premises thereby uniting the entire unit most effectively. There is absolutely no fear of being exposed to the elements when the weather turns nasty either. In fact, the canopies that come with a metal frame can also be utilized for providing stop gap solutions to corporate customers.

Convenience of using Metal Frames on Canopies

  1. Design – The idea of having an ugly piece of metallic contraption jutting out like an eyesore is passé. It is possible to find a versatile product that can be designed to match the exterior of an existing building so that it blends in completely. While the product can be cut and shaped according to the need, it can also be painted in exciting hues with the company logo embossed on it or lettered to advertise a retail store
  2. Lightweight– The load it carries might prove to be a deterrent for using metal canopies. This issue has been resolved most effectively now with many quality manufacturers offering lightweight aluminum frames for holding the awnings that can serve as excellent extensions for a commercial building without affecting their functionality either.
  3. Protection – Well, the quality of protecting one from inclement weather is not lost by the clever use of metal frames either. Consumers can hope to remain sheltered from the hot blazing sun or lashings of rain while standing under the canopy. The building gets to be protected as well thus retaining its curb appeal for a long time
  4. Low Maintenance – There is absolutely no need to repair or replace it once it has been installed. The material along with the frame has proved to be extremely durable and only requires to be wiped with a damp cloth from time to time

The lightweight aluminum frames have grabbed the attention of corporate bigwigs who endorse the product wholeheartedly.

How Canopies Can Increase The Curb Appeal

Awnings can be used as a stop gap solution or added as a permanent fixture. It is best to contact a quality company that offers different types of awnings and canopies in order to address various issues.

Setting up a small store in a quiet neighborhood is often the dream of people who are reluctant to venture too far away from home. A store enables them to earn a living while continuing to stay in their comfort zones. However, a business enterprise needs promotion too. This can be done admirably by holding outdoor events or organizing a sale several times a year. Finding enough space to do it is often a problem that one encounters though. The issue can be solved satisfactorily by using canopies to create additional space for showcasing the items to the would-be buyers.

The benefits of opting for retail awnings are varied too. While the first use of awnings can be dated back to the Roman era, their appeal remains undiluted even after centuries have passed by. The property can be protected totally from the elements of nature throughout the year thus enhancing the life of the store and its fittings.

Advantages of Installing Awnings

Many companies offer customized awnings at present. It can be utilized effectively to promote a business by going for big bold lettering right in the front of the awning that advertises effectively. Customers are likely to enter the establishment not only while trying to seek shelter from the lashings of rain and snow but also to look for items that catch their interest. It is thus a busy time for the small business owner who does brisk business by luring the customers in via an attractive awning that also increases the curb appeal substantially.

The lightweight aluminum canopies are in vogue at the moment though. Not only are they easy to carry and install but they happen to be highly effective in lowering the energy bills too. The indoors remain cool and comfortable in the process even at the height of summer. The cost is negligible when compared to running the air-conditioning unit constantly during the business hours.

Innovative uses of outdoor canopies / awnings

  • Pop up restaurants and roadside cafes are often set up with the aid of awnings. From fabric to metal and every other material imaginable, the shade provided looks wonderfully attractive and can certainly grab eyeballs during summer or evenings when people look for an inexpensive place to rest.

  • The retail stores along with malls use it to attract the passer byes too. Huge shopping malls tend to segregate the sections via decorative awnings that showcase the concerned brand extensively.

  • Using a retractable awning gives a business owner immense control over the amount of sunlight entering the premises thus limiting the need for illumination during the day hours and making room for additional customers when there is an unusual rush. The walls along with the doors and windows can be protected from the elements too thus allowing the business owner to save money on repairs.

  • It is also an excellent way of connecting buildings within a huge campus by choosing to set up walkways between different departments. The medical and educational institutions have been harnessing the power of awnings for years and find it most convenient for their purposes.