Popularity of Metal Building Canopies

Improving the aesthetic appeal of buildings is an age old notion. However, simply painting the exteriors and fitting eye catching windows and doors do not grab eyeballs today. Commercial establishments do strive to try something out of the ordinary that will incite the prospective customers to walk in thereby allowing the sales personnel to convince them about the efficacy of buying their products. Using metal building canopies happen to be a great solution that the users swear by. It is indeed an effective way to protect the building from the elements of nature without compromising the style. The products are extremely affordable too and adding metal canopies is definitely the best way to expand the building without breaking a bank.

The use of metals in buildings has always remained in vogue. The construction industry prefers to use this material for its strength, durability as well as its amazing flexibility. The appearance of the canopy took a back seat just a few years ago. However, the modern day consumers want it all. The metallic canopies are now available in a number of forms with their spectacular style and design catching attention big time.

The top manufacturers have revised their products at present by making use of a structural framework of steel along with a host of accessories that happen to be highly functional while drawing attention via its unique design. It is necessary to opt for the services of a professional for erecting the canopies though. This ensures total safety for the users as well as 0 wastage of time. The time between ordering and installation has also been reduced sharply thanks to the availability of pre-assembled metallic canopies that can be fitted to an existing building within the shortest possible time.

Installation of glass entry canopy has proved to be most effective for shopping malls and huge retail stores, however. The usage of glass as an alternative to brick is not a novelty though. In fact, the trend has been evident right from the early nineties. The ability of glass to magically transform a storefront has found many takers while its functionality remains unquestioned to this day. There are a number of other benefits of opting for glass as the first choice for entry canopies, however. It might be time to revisit its effectiveness before deciding to invest in glass extensions in the form of canopies.

Pluses of Using Glass Canopies

Stylish– A stylish entrance can make a huge difference to the bottom line of a retail store. While a reputed shop can hope to sell a good number of products daily, investing in a glass entry canopy can help to improve the aesthetic appeal of the shop, encouraging the visitors to come inside. It is always easier to convince interested visitors thereby converting them into customers.

Functional– A glass may appear to be transparent but it is tough enough to withstand the elements of nature thus protecting the store front. It also allows the entry of natural light that not only boosts the mood of the people within but also reduces electric consumption considerably.

However, the most popular argument in favor of using glass is its property of making an enclosed area appear bigger. The illusion of space has been found favorable for doing business.


Reasons To Install Store Front Awnings

A first impression is almost always the last impression especially for a prospective customer who happens to pass by a store or commercial complex for the first time. However, space is sure to be limited for a modest retail shop that does not enjoy making a handsome profit. Adding awnings can help to work wonders though. It not also keeps the frontage secluded and covered thereby preventing the natural elements from wrecking havoc with its exterior.

The visitors also obtain protection during a particular bad thunderstorm or incessant rainfall making them think positively about the store that has helped them during their time of need. Simply waiting under the entry canopy is not the intention of the visitors who are often compelled to enter the concerned store and do a bout of shopping. The business owner thus does brisk business while the rain or snow keeps the pedestrians off the road.

A customer is sure to form a positive opinion about the said shop even when not being forced to take shelter under the canopy. The curb appeal can be accentuated by choosing a pleasantly colored awning that sports the company logo or acts as a billboard by offering hefty discounts on selected items. An entrance canopy comes in a number of shapes and sizes today with the business owner being able to choose the one that fits with specific business goals thereby inviting individuals to come inside. In short, adding an attractive awning can be akin to providing a facelift for the commercial establishment that prompts the target audience to buy the products/services on offer.

However, the appeal of the awnings is not purely cosmetic though. A particularly attractive or offbeat one can be sighted from afar and goes a long way in directing people towards it. The canopy, right at the entrance of a store can look welcoming as well especially when the owner opts to fit it with an effective signage. In fact, there have been many instances when the entry point canopy turned out to be the landmark of a certain street thereby promoting the concerned store via word of mouth.

A particular advantage of erecting a canopy is to create extra space. The area right under the canopy can be turned into an additional counter with the newly arrived items displayed enticingly so that it grabs eyeballs. It also offers extra storage room apart from acting as a shelter. The modern awnings of today are a far cry from the commonplace red and white stripped canvas coverings. In fact, it is possible to get them in every material imaginable including metal, glass and fiber. The best canopies can be fitted perfectly to the side of a building without being obvious. The top manufacturers take pains to match the existing style and color of the building so that it appears to be a natural extension.

The retractable awnings are in high demand at present and can be unfolded when the store is open for business. There is no possibility of the customers being disappointed on reaching the shop to find it closed therefore.

How Custom Canopies Make a Difference

Erecting an awning to beat the lashings of rain or staying away from the blazing sun is commonplace. However, the modern day awnings are not simply meant to provide temporary shading. On the contrary, they are architectural marvels that extend the area of a building both residential and commercial. While there are numerous materials on offer at present, the most popular one happens to be the aluminum awnings that are lightweight and act as perfect backdrops when installed at the entrance or over the side windows.

While the awnings are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and can fit in with the décor of an existing building, there are many customers who remain unimpressed with the ones sold to the other clients and are keen to order custom canopies in keeping with their necessities. The bigger commercial establishments and the corporate offices believe in state-of-the-art objects and installing a canopy for a multitude of reasons is no different either.

It is important to contact the best manufacturer of awnings instead of a supplier in order to get a tailor made one. While most of the bigger players in the market are sure to have a gallery handy, the top customers prefer to mix and match the designs and ask for specific materials to create a canopy that will have an instant appeal. Sure, the entire project might be a trifle pricey compared to a commonplace design but the final outcome is certainly worth it and often makes the customer proud to showcase it to the public.

Advantages of installing a custom canopy

  • Aesthetics- A beautiful canopy is certain to grab eyeballs. This is definitely a plus for commercial property owners looking to enhance their sales. A custom canopy would be created to specification and sport the colors along with the designs that is not too common either. Not only will the wonderful extension increase the curb appeal but will also become the talk of the town, gradually turning into a reference point. It is a big win for the business therefore.
  • Entrance– The best canopies serve as entrance ways by welcoming the people inside. An aesthetically done awning in aluminum or glass can direct the people to the building instantly as well. The canopy seems like a natural extension with no one being able to tell the difference. Ditto for the walkways! Facilities that make use of customized canopies to connect several buildings can use the covered space to set up cafes, working booths or for any other function thereby enhancing the profitability.
  • Artistry – A durable and light weight aluminum frame that is used to hold up the canopy can also double up as a promotional platform. Many corporate as well as commercial buildings prefer to incorporate the company colors along with their logo and texts plus images. The combination is sure enough to hit the mark making the concerned brand instantly recognizable.

There are umpteen benefits of adding a customized awning to a building therefore. However, the basic role of the canopy i.e. protecting the public from the elements of nature will remain in force thus garnering appreciation for the company.

Advantages of Using Metal Awnings

People have been trying to protect themselves as well as their interiors from the elements of nature since time immemorial. Sure, there have been hits and misses on the way with many solutions that had been thought to be perfect becoming redundant with the passage of time. The brightly colored stripes on awnings had been common during the 19th century when many small time business owners used it to advertise their wares. The canopy shades had been added to retail shops and commercial buildings later on providing the users with an excellent alternative for protecting and promoting their enterprise at the same time.

Installation of a door canopy is still going strong, however. It does not have to be a conventional one anymore though. There are numerous products available today with the top consumers opting for a tailor made solution to keep their space protected and the aesthetics enhanced while they enjoy doing a brisk business courtesy a sturdy and attractive exterior awning that can double up as an excellent form of ‘out of home’ advertising as well.

Extending one’s entrance and providing a waiting area for customers can be done easily without having to go through time taking and costly installations today. The metal awnings are deemed to be the absolute best for a number of reasons as well. Stainless steel and aluminum happen to be oft utilized metals while a number of manufacturers also offer exciting alloys created out of a number of metals that enhance the life of the canopies. There is no need to choose a shiny metallic object that mars the aesthetic appeal of a commercial establishment or home either. The canopies of today are available in a number of exciting colors along with innovative designs that can blend in with the décor perfectly.

It is not only the small business owners and the retail store owners who hope to use such awnings to their advantage. The top enterprises and corporate offices along with multiple facilities are also eager to install the cost effective and beneficial metallic awnings in order to increase their brand awareness thereby improving the bottom line considerably.

Pluses of Using a Metal Awning

  • Metals such as aluminum or stainless steel are known for their durability. They are not prone to rust either and are able to withstand the elements of nature for a long time at a stretch. Investing into a metal canopy is sure to be cost effective as a result.
  • These awnings are extremely versatile and can be shaped into any form in order to compliment a design or add to the aesthetics. Many companies choose the products for promotional purposes by adding texts, images and logo over this unique platform.
  • The metallic canopies also come in retractable models. They can be retracted as and when required in order to solve the problem of space and protection.

The common uses of metal canopies are not limited to shading either. They have been installed to create superior bus halts, garage extensions, and walkways that connect different buildings of a vast facility together.

Glass Store Awnings: How Effective Are They

A building can definitely be spruced up with a number of fittings and fixtures added to it so that it looks impressive. However, the amount of money that one needs to spend on making an impersonal building presentable is not justified when it comes to the advantages it offers. There are numerous business owners who believe in the ‘less is more’ dogma today and prefer to add cool store awnings so that the store front stands out in an exemplary manner.

Again, many commercial establishments including facilities, institutions and corporate buildings do not think twice before utilizing the versatile glass canopy system for augmenting the aesthetic appeal along with adding more space at one go. The appearance of the building gets totally transformed and generates a buzz among the bystanders thereby creating a positive appeal. The greatest advantage of having a glass canopy installed is to create an extension that does not look artificial, however. The blending in is totally seamless making it the material of choice when it comes to covering a bus stand, restaurants or walkways that join multiple buildings together.

The glass canopies can also prove to be beneficial when used as store fronts or the primary entrance of commercial buildings. Glass happens to be a versatile material and can be used innovatively when the right manufacturer is at the helm. Its appeal is universal making the canopy system the most sought after by residents and business owners alike.

Reasons To Install Glass Canopies

  • Style– Glass remains unparalleled when it comes to making a difference by means of a simple entrance. A plain, unadorned and frameless piece of glass has the power of enhancing the appeal of a store. It improves the appearance of the entire building and catches the eye thereby increasing the footfalls considerably. The addition of a glass canopy can definitely make a difference by grabbing eyeballs and instilling confidence about the store’s quality in the minds of the potential customers. 
  • Functionality- The glass extension is not a cosmetic feature either. It also serves a useful purpose by providing shelter to people who are looking for a place to remain protected from lashings of rain or during an extremely hot summer day. The store owner also has a sheltered place to stand while unlocking the store every morning. The glass makes it easy to see through while being useful. This increases the business advantages and creates awareness about the store and its products.
  • Light– Glass has the ability to disperse light as well. So, there is no need to remain cooped up in a small space that takes on a dingy appearance during the rainy days. The natural light will filter in through the glass to make the hallways, reception areas as well as the shaded entrance bright thereby elevating the mood of the people gathered there. The necessity of putting on the lights during a rain splattered day will be sharply reduced too thus allowing the store owner to save on energy bills.

A small store can look much more spacious by clever use of glass. It makes sense to install a glass canopy instead of using the material throughout the building when there is a budget restriction.

Benefits Of Using Outdoor Awnings

Commercial establishments and facilities are spread out and encompass a number of buildings. The best way to unite the different parts of a facility or institution together is to install a canopy or awning in bright colors and fashioned out of the modern materials that are known for their durability, cost effectiveness and aesthetics. Many retail shops have found that installing a store canopy can help in increasing not only the brand awareness but also the profitability.

A commercial building is usually created with the required structure and any extensions that may be essential from time to time also happen to be permanent. However, there are multiple companies that have found retractable or temporary outdoor awnings to be extremely beneficial. Today’s awnings are highly acclaimed for their quality of blending in completely. People seldom realize that the extruding part or a walkway is not made out of concrete and is, in fact, a canopy.

Advantages of using a store awning

Advertising– There is no need for investing in additional signage when one has a canopy in the frontage. Integration of signage in the form texts and graphics gives it a seamless appearance without making it look artificial. This helps the business owner to get the message across easily. An innovative signage created with bright colors and witty messages is sure to grab eyeballs thereby increasing the flow of customers to the store. A sophisticated look can be created perfectly today as well. A signage over the entrance created by clever use of a canopy is not limited to neighborhood shops only therefore. Even big shopping malls and supermarkets are making use of awnings to advertise their presence today.

Aesthetics- The creative designers have revolutionized the concept of awnings at present. The quality canopies come in a variety of shapes and colors today without limiting the entry of light. The structure happens to be intensely modern and fashioned out of lightweight materials such as aluminum and other metallic alloys as well as glass. Surprisingly these come at affordable rates too. There is absolutely no necessity of settling for a commonplace awning now. Instead, the top manufacturers and dealers offer customized solutions to suit their clients’ needs. The structures can be cut, welded and blended to create a number of shapes and size in accordance with the wishes of the customer. The awnings thus fulfill three different requirements at one go i.e. providing shade, creating brand identity & improving the aesthetic appeal of the business enterprise.

The heat transmitted in summer makes the temperature inside the building soar too necessitating the AC to be kept on for long hours. Wise use of canopies can reduce the energy consumption considerably though. The heat gain is reduced by a whopping 55%-65% by use of awnings at strategic locations of the building causing less use of the HVAC system too.

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